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Ah dread, time to make some kinda pic!

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In my travels through DA's stock artist galleries I have come across so many with odd and rather ambiguous restrictions. Mind you I'm not talking about specific restrictions which are understandable. Restrictions such as no off site, print usage and other such clear and concise limits are very understandable and reasonable to me.

I am the type of person who follows rules, and asks permission before using something in a manner beyond what the owner has outlined. As such, there are some restrictions that artists put on images that I just can't get my head around sometimes, usually because they are so vague.

Some examples:

Sexual images - Define sexual for me please! Do you mean as it is defined by DA in the FAQ's for "sexual imagery"? Or do you mean your own definition. If you mean by your's, then please tell me what it is.

Erotic images- See "Sexual images." What's very vanilla to me may be over the top to you.

No fetish or kinky images - What’s a fetish to you? A midget riding a llama might be normal to me, but might be kinky to you.

No suggestive manips - Suggestive of what?

Hate art - Similar to sexual, DA tries to define this here: "'Hate Art' and 'Hate Propaganda'". I think most people can tell when something is "over the top" but please let me know if your restriction follows the DA definition or your own.

No R rated or PG rated images - Huh? Does a kid with a bloody nose on your image of a playground count as "R" rated due to blood and implied violence?

No bad language - Once again, please define it, do you mean just four letter words?

No politics - Just kind of annoying is all...

No religion - See politics.

Fave it if you use it - Seriously? This may be the most annoying restriction of all time. If you’re given credit and links back, why clutter up someone favorites gallery with pictures of machinery, rocks and so on. I mean really, many of the images are nothing to look at until someone comes along and dresses them up.

Be creative! - OK, this one I actually understand. But if I use a forest as a background in whole or in part, how creative do I need to be? After all, I still want it to be a forest.

Yes there are more examples, no dark images, no light images, no magic, no llamas, no this and no that. But I think I need to conclude this mini-rant.

I know some stock artists will respond with "Then don't use my stuff!"
I agree with them totally, I won't use it. I much prefer artists who allow me some creative wiggle room to work within anyhow.

I draw, paint and do other "artsy" stuff, but for some reason I love to do manips. I don't know why, maybe it is my desire to learn more about the software, to be able to take one thing and create something new from it or perhaps the way I can bring an idea to life this way better than by using other mediums. But when some of these artists put a half dozen restrictions on usage in such a vague manner, if one was to try and use it in any way it would dam near be impossible. I fully support artists’ rights and respect their rules, I just ask that you please give me rules I can understand, follow and still be creative with.
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